Interactive Seminars using the WEB: An International Experience

TitleInteractive Seminars using the WEB: An International Experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSchauer, H., Mühlbacher J. R., Shave M.J., Leng P.H., & Aiken R.M.
Date Published9
ISBN Number3-85403-120-3

Our goal is to support and encourage interactive group discussion among students from different universities in what we call Internet Seminars. In an Internet Seminar students and teachers from different universities cooperate via the Internet to work and discuss a common subject. We discuss both the positive aspects and drawbacks of this approach based on our recent experiences. For the students benefits include: experiencing different "cultures", using the Internet for various purposes, and having access to different "experts". For teachers the workload can be distributed, material from past seminars can be reused, and interactions with students can lead to more in-depth discussions.