Intelligent Agents - Inevitable Tools for Teleworkers

TitleIntelligent Agents - Inevitable Tools for Teleworkers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSonntag, M.
Date Published3
ISBN Number3-925144-10-2

In this lecture we will take a closer look at a specific type of teleworker: the self-employed teleworker. Consequently we have to expand the definition who is regarded to be a teleworker. Teleworkers of this type have to rely entirely on electronic communication and are faced with specific problems. In particular they have to fight against many unwanted mails. Therefore it is necessary to support communication by intelligent agents, which ease the workload for the user. These agents add an additional meta-layer of teleworking (moving the work to the employee instead of the employee to the work): Instead of moving the user to the information (e. g. via a web-browser), let the agents move the specific information to the user.

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