The Applaud Project, Institute-Specific Final Report University Linz (FIM)

TitleThe Applaud Project, Institute-Specific Final Report University Linz (FIM)
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSonntag, M.
Date Published4

Objectives of the APPLAUD project: * Stimulating co-operation with other institutions * Holding distributed courses * Enhancing the computer literacy of the participants * Research on courses held over the Internet Results of the APPLAUD project: All of the above objectives have been met, some to a slightly lower degree than others. As the FIM was mainly involved in the part on holding distributed courses, the report deals mainly with these issues: Organizsation, planning and holding courses, where the participants work together in distributed groups, using only the internet. Several critical points are identified and ideas presented, how to avoid or ameliorate them. Also included are abstracts of the results of three courses, held in connection with this project with the topics: Teleworking, Internet-Websites and CBT-materials (Computer-Based-Training).

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