Privacy Policy

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The institute of Networks and Security respects the privacy of all visitors of its website. This policy explains briefly, which information is collected on its websites and how it will be used, if at all. The governing law for this is mainly the Austrian Privacy Law (Datenschutzgesetz 2000). Please note that the official version of this policy is the German version and this English page is just a brief summary.

Server log files
The institute logs all access to this website, especially the following data (if transmitted by the user's browser): Name of the web page, delivered files, date and time of access, amount of data transmitted, result of access (success/failure), browser type incl. version, the user's operating system, referer URL (previously visited page) and the IP address.

The institute will use these logs only for statistical evaluations on the use of the site, its security and for optimizing it. Any later forensic evaluation will only take place if because of concrete hints illegal use can be assumed.

We will never sell, lease or otherwise transfer your personal data to third parties, except when legally required to do so.

Contacting us
In case you initiate any kind of contact with the institute or its members, e.g. through the contact form or by E-Mail, your data will be stored for replying to your request or for any subsequent communication.

Other elements
This website may include content of third parties like videos on YouTube, maps from Google maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics/videos/source code etc. In this way the actual provider may obtain, and therefore store, use, ... the IP address of all visitors.
This website employs cookies. Your browser can be configured to not accept/delete cookies. In that case it may be that the website cannot be fully or correctly utilized.

Limitation of Liability
The information on this website cannot be guaranteed to be correct, without any errors, accurate, complete, and timely. Those relying on information on this website do so at their own risk and the institute shall not be liable for any damages, except in case of malicious intent or gross negligence.