Our Vision.

Computer networks and security are fast-moving targets. Research and teaching at the Institute of Networks and Security therefore includes the full range from theoretical to highly practical issues. Current key areas of research to improve the current state-of-the art are:

Digital Identities 
in the form of identity documents on mobile devices, ticketing/payment applications, use of identities in web applications, and related use cases - open a wide range of questions in the technical (smart card integration, mobile device security, identity management and federation protocols, server-side privacy and data security measures), organizational (decentralized use of identities, cross-border interoperability), and legal (privacy, personal data use, equivalence of digital and paper documents) domains. We currently focus on the mobile device security issues in close cooperation with the Josef Ressel Center for User-Friendly Secure Environments and privacy aspects. Results are expected in the short to middle term.
Secure Code
is currently one of the biggest problems in software engineering research and software industries. We are currently trying to establish a focus area at JKU to include aspects of compilers, system software and platforms, software engineering methods and tools, formal modelling and verification, and specific security-enhancing tools and coding methods to improve the state of the art in secure code techniques in the middle term.
Long Range Communication
implies communication latency and errors, and many current applications fail especially in combination with higher level of security guarantees. We will investigate the specifically the interrelationships between different layers of communication, security, and applications for long-term extensions of Internet protocols.